This week I had the privilege to sit down and learn about our newest esthetics service at Lu Ross Academy: The Dermafile Skin Polishing. Upon hearing about it I was quite curious. I had Patricia, one of our night aestheticians who was more than exited to tell me all about the procedure and scheduled me to watch her preform one. It compares to microdermabrasion but it a lot less harsh. Using a small tool that, that looks like a dentist mirror, they file off dead skin and oil. First they cleanse the skin making sure to remove all make-up and sunblock. Next they do a second, deeper cleansing with a lemongrass cleanser. Depending on whether the skin is considered oily or dry, an enzyme is applied. For dry skin, a pumpkin enzyme is used, and for oily skin a papaya enzyme is applied. They then use their filing tool, holding the skin taught and working in small circle sections filing the skin. The tool is made to polish the skin and help resurface. It is made with stainless steel and crushed diamonds. After the filing technique is finished, a thin layer of calming cream is applied followed by a calming mask. Then the mask is removed with a warm towel and skin is toned. Lastly an SPF is applied. I must say that watching this procedure was incredible! I myself can be a sceptic. There are so many new products introduced to the industry every day, all insisting to be the best and latest and greatest. While skin care is extremely important to me, it can be hard to choose which treatment will work best. Let me tell you I have done and seen a lot when it comes to skin care. From laser treatments, microdermabrasion, to chemical peels and prescription creams. lu-ross-academy-dermafile-skin-polishing After seeing the Dermafile, I was beyond impressed. The client who was worked on had light skin. Her skin wasn’t red or irritated in the very least! As a matter of fact he skin had a telling difference right away! Although the client had beautiful skin to begin with, after the treatment it was clearly tighter and illuminated. I couldn’t stop telling everyone about this wonderful new procedure. The Dermafile is perfect for new esthetician school graduates who want to put microderm on their menu of services without the cost of buying a microdermabrasion machine. Come experience this amazing treatment today, here at Lu Ross!!! Tommy Zee Kelley