There are hundreds of colleges offering a myriad of certificates and degrees in cosmetology but selecting the best California Cosmetology School can b a difficult choice to make. To study and get a license as a cosmetologist requires professional education program at a licensed and state accredited Cosmetology school. It is only after you have been conferred the degree that you can get employment as a cosmetologist or open your own beauty salon. However, the decision to enter a particular California Cosmetology school can put you in a dilemma. If you have been looking at the syllabi of different California cosmetology schools, most of these academic institutions offer a generalized curriculum for beginners but have a higher specialization when a degree is needed as a licensed cosmetologist. All of the states need require that you have a license to practice and if you plan on opening your own salon or get employed, you will need a degree or diploma from an accredited California cosmetology school, as a prerequisite to the state license. Tips to consider before seeking admission Additionally, not all California cosmetology schools are accredited and licensed so it is best to research and shortlist only those schools that are approved by National Accreditation Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences. It is good to ask questions, consider the financial aid that you can qualify for and if the school offers the specialization you are looking for. Any course that has not been approved by NACCAS will not hold valid after you complete the program or you may be disqualified when you seek the license. Before you join a cosmetology program, take a tour of the facility, talk with the admissions department and schedule a visit. You