Now that 2017 is over and 2018 is here, new beauty trends are going to pop up as people try out different styles. While some of the hottest trends in 2017 will carry over into the year, there are certain trends you might want to try out in the new year, especially if attending cosmetology school or aesthetician school is on your radar.

Trends to Watch

In the future, people might just refer to 2018 as the year of the lashes. From lash-boosting mascaras to extensions, everyone is going to be after longer, thicker, and fuller lashes. On top of better lashes, here are some other trends that are going to be big:
  • Beauty oils—This year, oils are going to be a go-to for smoothing unruly and dry hair.
  • Extreme hairstyles—While long and short bobs may have been huge last year, think extreme styles, like pixie cuts and long, shiny hair, when it comes to hair.
  • Graphic nail designs—Geometric prints, minimalist accent nails, and negative space on nails are going to be big this year.
  • Bright eyes—Eyeliners and shadows in bright colors (think bright blue from the 1980s) are going to be on-trend in 2018.
  • Classic lipstick bullets—For years, liquid lipsticks have dominated the market, but this year, the humble ballet is making a comeback.
  • Glitter—Think rhinestones, gems, and sequins adhered to the eyelids to make any look sparkle.
Other hot trends for 2018 will include lip tints, wet and wild hair, and thick, black eyeliner around the bottom and top lids.

Get Started on Your Journey

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