By Tommy Zee Kelley

This weeks blog is especially special because I had the privilege of getting to know Vanessa in my Cosmetology class. Vanessa is diligent and shined from the moment she did her first haircut. She has passions and strives to be a pillar in the industry and it is VERY clear that nothing will stand in her way.

During the day Vanessa is a substitute teacher at Briggs Elementary school. Vanessa enjoys every part of the Cosmetology curriculum here at Lu Ross Academy and says that because this is her passion she enjoys everything there is to learn about the industry. She loves that the program is hands on and that the students are knowledgeable and helpful. She feels that she learns from everyone and loves the ability to mix and match different techniques from all individuals. She is most inspired by the everyday hair stylists she follows on Instagram. They take all of their looks and adapt them to being everyday styles. After she graduates she says, “The sky is the limit!” She plans on working hard and conquering in every way. She plans on working with a friend who has a space for her. This stylist friend inspired her to attend school. She also is interested in working in Hollywood, like she said the sky is the limit!

To the future students of Lu Ross Academy, she advises that this is an amazing opportunity to pursue your dream. Like anything, the results are a reflection of what you put into it. She has incredible potential and exceptional potential in this industry. Her work shines every day, and she has and amazing start as a Wella colorist. Vanessa has been extremely productive while in school, attending hair shows and competing on Instagram in hair completions. She recently submitted and was featured buy the notorious @theunicorntribe who has been featured in Vogue and is quite famous for their amazing team of stylist. She dabbles in all kinds of color from many different lines and works everyday with the Wella color lines here at Lu Ross. She has a kind and mellow demeanor and comes to school with ambition every day. I have had the privilege of having Vanessa as a student. She is a breath of fresh air as far as any instructor is concerned. Always coming well prepared and thirsty for knowledge. She takes every part of the curriculum seriously and strives to try any and every new technique put in her path. Confidence is a character asset for Vanessa. She is knowledgeable and friendly to every patron she meets and does all that she can to achieve the exact request from the client. She is truly a pleasure to have in your presence at all times. Her quote for to inspire others: “Seize the day!”