We’re officially into the autumn season of pumpkin spice and pre-Halloween celebrations! But what about hair? In an industry that’s always changing, it hard to imagine what the latest greatest trend is. We sought out our idols in the hair industry to see what they are talking about for fall. We were pleased to see that a lot of these trends are things we commonly do at our Cosmetology School already! According to good housekeeping, the most popular trend this fall is “Grombre.” Heavily lightened ends toned ultra low to create those silver locks every girl feels is a must have! While the grey trend has been growing, here at Lu Ross Academy we aspire to a variety of pigments when it comes to this color. From silver platinum to gun metal grey, our Wella Professional pigments are formulated uniquely with attentiveness to creating the prefect look for every client! This is also a great way for our future professionals to practice using pure pigment to create the desired color. Cosmopolitan is saying that chestnut browns, with red and gold pigments is the newest trend for fall. Displaying a beautiful example of Kate Mara and her fall friendly hair. Whiney, healthy and warm. They are also coveting beige blondes, a cooler pigment of cancelled warm tones resulting in a cool blonde. Truthfully a beautiful example, again, of how our practice with color can achieve great things and outstanding hues. While scoping the Internet we are still seeing the lasting trend of “pop” colors, only for fall the pastels seem to have taken the show. Lots of light lavenders and soft rose colors, looking punky and pretty all at the same time. It’s safe to say the era of “pop” colors has yet to fade and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. With our stylist Gods, such as Guy Tang keeping these colors more than alive and changing, it is a growing and necessary part of this industry. These colors are so important and are now being even more accepted in society. Even Starbucks now allowed their employees to express themselves with blue and pink strands. While our color seems pretty well covered, you may be wondering, “What about cut and style?!” Texture, texture, texture! Straight locks are a thing of the past! Have your stylist give you some body and movement with their point cutting and texturing techniques! Even the smallest amount of movement added to a basic haircut make for a more stylish look. As far as style, loose waves and curls are a must! Oversized barrels of curling irons and flat iron waves are IN! Let your locks down! Style a couple of pieces and leave some of your natural wave pattern! It’s easy, less time consuming and totally in for fall. Our students are some of the most educated in the area. With constant classes, trends, and even competitions to keep them striving forward. Lu Ross Academy is not just a beauty school, it’s your next hair destination. Come in today and get ready for fall with a fresh look at a fair price and styling tips from your stylist to maintain your look at home! Call (805) 643-5690 Ext 0 to schedule an appointment today!