We had such a wonderful time with our very own Lizette from Wella last week! She came in to educate our students on the many wonderful variations of color that Wella offers. Lu Ross Academy is a Wella signature school, giving all of our students’ exclusive access to the wonderful world of Wella. Lizette went over the details of the entire line here from Color Touch, demi-permanent hair colors, to Innocence that is recommended for people who have sensitivity to color. Our Wella Innocence line offers an extreme advantage to our clients as it is permanent hair color without the worry. Innoscence is great for clients who develop an itchy scalp or color sensitivity. Because it is permanent it is great for clients who are looking for full or grey coverage without worrying about being uncomfortable while the color processes. She also talked a lot about the popular color trends like balayage and how to choose the correct lighter and or toners to achieve the perfect result!

After some intense note taking with lots of important color theory for our up and coming colorists it was time to go down to the floor and put what our students had just learned into action! Lizette went to each student individually. Each had a specific color goal for their client, or doll head, and Lizette formulated with each student for amazing results. She had all of them trying every aspect of Wella from toners to our beautiful Instamatic color line. One of our students had a washed out yellow bleach he had done on himself. Lizette formulated a “quick lift”, followed by an application of Instamatic “Ocean Storm” giving him a frosty blue look! Another student had a sandy blonde color to her hair. A few students took on the task with Lizette’s master formulas to make her a platinum blonde. They performed a bleach wash followed by a perfectly formulated toner to get her right where she needed to be. He hair is now the lightest blonde, but most importantly healthy! She also formulated some color for doll heads that showed the students how to properly lift with color. Taking the doll from a medium brown to 3 shades higher and an intense violet.

Having Lizette and the Wella team at Lu Ross is an example of our exclusive color education. Not all cosmetology schools offer advanced training in a high end professional color line. While we show in every way why Wella is the best, the other unique fact about this added bonus, is this advanced education can be used with most color in the industry. Here at Lu Ross we take our students on two field trips to the Wella studio during their time with us. There are many competitive opportunities offered through the school and internationally by Wella. We encourage our students to advance in their studies here, and after graduation. We offer amazing connections to Wella professional, Lizette is a prime example of that. Most of our students are invited to follow these outstanding professionals on Instagram and Facebook giving them direct contact and access to all of their educators. Wella appreciates our students and we do all we can to offer this advanced color education, completely included in our Barber and Cosmetology course.

Wella’s intense reds and high pigmented violets make for amazing transformation. It was truly a joy to see all the students learning and working with color in new ways. They were pushing their limits and exploring every aspect of being a Wella signature school. We can’t thank Lizette enough for her patience and vast knowledge of color. She took on all of our cosmetologists and barbers at once and worked with them in a way any fellow educator would consider admirable. The students enjoyed having her here and look forward to all of the special instruction Wella has to offer in the future. A huge THANK YOU!! To Lizette from Lu Ross and all of our students!