How long does it take to graduate? The length of time it takes to graduate from a program requiring a license varies depending on how many hours you attend each week. The minimum number of hours is 33 per week, but you can attend up to 40 hours per week. The more hours you attend, the faster you graduate. If you were to take the Cosmetology course and attend 40 hours/week, you would graduate in less than 10 months. Does the school help with job placement? Yes. Lu Ross Academy enjoys a great reputation with salons and spas. Several employers recruit on campus and inform us of job openings. The school maintains a list of job openings and refers graduates to openings. How often do classes start? Generally, classes start every 2 months. To find out when the next class starts, call the Admissions Department. How do I enroll? It all starts with a visit to the school. Call the Admissions Department and make an appointment. To make an informed decision, you must first see the school and find out first-hand why we believe that the Academy offers superior and well-rounded training. Can I get assistance with the tuition? The Academy is Nationally Accredited by NACCAS and students can apply for Federal Financial Aid Programs such as Pell Grant and Direct Student Loans if they qualify. The Financial Assistance Department can assist you with all your questions about the programs and the application process. The Academy also offers in-house financing at attractive rates.