This week we got to interview a very special student, who is excelling with talent: Megan Burroughs. She is currently at about 1500 hours, which means she will soon complete our Cosmetology School day program. She invited us into her life, sharing that she has a one-year-old daughter. She told us that she is eager to learn and grow in this industry that she loves. She considers herself to be very hardworking, artistic, and easy going. She is always wanting to better herself in everything that she does. Before starting in the industry, she was a competitive cheerleader and also competed in California teen beauty pageants. When she completed high school, she became a mother. Her favorite subject here at Lu Ross Academy so far is Wella Color Theory. She says it was a bit tricky at first, but learning the fundamentals of mixing, enhancing or canceling different tones is something that peaks her interest. She loves that Lu Ross Academy is so diverse. All the students are different, but they all love and want the same things in different ways. Everyone has unique personalities, but are all interested in pursuing the same career path.

She says that all the instructors and students have taught her so much. Everyone helps each other and gives constructive criticism. You can see some of Megan’s incredible work on her Instagram page @megs_buurr, she has explored in the balayage technique and really strives to advance in color. Megan says she gets most of her inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. Social media is a big plus in the hair industry. She says she would love to meet @riawnacapri and @larisadoll (Riawna Capri Co-owner of All Things Beauty, and Larisa Love a Brand ambassador of CosmoProf), she would love to pick their brains and watch them at work. When she graduates she plans on finding a salon to call her second home for a while. She also wants to take a lot of classes and keep growing as a stylist. She is interested in Studio West Salon, which is where she currently gets her hair done. She loves watching and learning from her stylist Tiffany Lane-Newmark who is a dear friend to her. She has always loved the beauty world which leads her to this industry, and loves to make people feel good about their selves. To our future Cosmetology students she guides that it is a long road, but do it! You will make some of the best friends here at Lu Ross Academy and that it’s such a fun journey. Although you may feel like while you’re in beauty school you will spend more time here than at home, there is so much opportunity once you have you license. It is a very big and creative industry to be in. Also, to stay up on you hours and don’t fall behind! Missed hours add up fast. As a life quote, Megan had this to say: “Ask lots of questions and don’t ever think you are done learning. There is always room to grow.”