Course Description

Lu Ross Academy is proud to launch the first Barbering program in Ventura County. The Barbering program emphasizes the importance of hands-on training. Our floor is busy! The 200 Hour Cross Over Course is designed for licensed Cosmetologists who want to get their Barber license. The course is focused on shaving techniques and clipper cutting. Learn advanced techniques and use your creativity. Cross Over graduates take the regular Barber License Exam to obtain their license. Our license preparation classes will prepare you for the practical and written portions of the test.

The Lu Ross Academy Barbering program is located in a newly remodeled building in downtown Ventura which is 2 blocks distance from the main campus. The address of the Barbering School is 93 South Chestnut Street, Ventura, CA 93001.

Course Outline

200 hours of technical instruction and practical operation in Shaving and Clipper Cutting including but not limited to the following:

  • 40 practicals in shaving and 30 practicals in clipper cutting.
  • 10 hours of review for the State Board Examination.

Graduates of the new 200 hour course still need to take the regular Barber Licensing Exam. This includes practical and theory. Lu Ross Academy provides online preparation exams that can be taken in school or at home.