The Fastest Growing Beauty Trends Of 2019

NOV 26, 2019 10:37AM

As the year comes to a close, Square U.S. has determined the fastest growing beauty trends of 2019. Based on the responses from more the 8,000 small business owners, Square U.S. analyzed payment data, business owner and consumer sentiment in this #treatyourself era.
With the new prevalence of self-care, Square found overall that customers are spending more on beauty services. Sales from the beauty sector have more than doubled since January 2017. Square beauty sellers have especially seen an increase in male customers seeking beauty and grooming services and consumer desire for specialized techniques that result in low maintenance looks.

Fastest Growing Hair Trend
Root smudging is the year’s fastest growing hair trend. Also known as “smudge root” or “root shadowing,” this technique enhances and lightens the root area to create a blended effect. This look is comparable to ombre or balayage techniques. The monthly sales have grown by 7,100 percent since January 2017. On average, root smudging costs $40 nationwide. By comparison, there have been 14 times as much revenue from monthly sales on babylight treatments—very delicate, white-blonde highlights created using a very fine color technique – in the same time frame.

Fastest Growing Nail Trend
Nail dip powder manicure is the fastest growing nail trend of the year. Clients achieve pigment on their nails by dipping them into colored powder between a base coat and a sealant. Nail dip is a thicker and longer-lasting alternative to gel polish, lasting about three to four weeks in comparison to gel polish, which lasts up to two weeks. There have been 18 times as much revenue from monthly sales since January 2017. Nation-wide, nail dip […]

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Maintaining Healthy Habits in the Salon

This post by Natasha Bhalla has been shared from Salon professionals, listen up — YOU have the power to boost your health and feel great all day, even while at the salon! We all have so much on our plates these days, but with a few adjustments and some awareness, you can take charge of your health and wellness. It’s important to pay attention to your body and spirit needs to succeed both inside the salon and outside of it. As beauty professionals, you’re constantly giving to others and unless your own cup is full, you will eventually feel depleted and exhausted. Furthermore, illness can be invited into your life when you’re not taking care of yourself properly. Ready to stop the burn out? Incorporate the following tips into your daily routine so you feel more energetic, peaceful and healthy each day.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Drinking water throughout the day is essential to keeping energy levels up. Water flushes toxins from the system and helps you remain alert. Even slight dehydration can reduce focus and concentration, increasing the risk for mistakes and accidents. And, making a mistake during a client cut is the last thing anyone wants! Our bodies are made up of approximately 60 percent water and consistently replenishing this water throughout the day prevents fatigue, headaches and lethargy. Furthermore, if you drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages throughout the day, it’s important to drink water to counteract the dehydrating effects of caffeine. Drinking water is also good for your skin, as it hydrates cells and softens lines. It also aids in weight loss! Aim to drink at least half your body weight in water each day.

Break during break time

Breaks exist for a reason – to […]
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Beauty Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Now that 2017 is over and 2018 is here, new beauty trends are going to pop up as people try out different styles. While some of the hottest trends in 2017 will carry over into the year, there are certain trends you might want to try out in the new year, especially if attending cosmetology school or aesthetician school is on your radar.

Trends to Watch

In the future, people might just refer to 2018 as the year of the lashes. From lash-boosting mascaras to extensions, everyone is going to be after longer, thicker, and fuller lashes. On top of better lashes, here are some other trends that are going to be big:
  • Beauty oils—This year, oils are going to be a go-to for smoothing unruly and dry hair.
  • Extreme hairstyles—While long and short bobs may have been huge last year, think extreme styles, like pixie cuts and long, shiny hair, when it comes to hair.
  • Graphic nail designs—Geometric prints, minimalist accent nails, and negative space on nails are going to be big this year.
  • Bright eyes—Eyeliners and shadows in bright colors (think bright blue from the 1980s) are going to be on-trend in 2018.
  • Classic lipstick bullets—For years, liquid lipsticks have dominated the market, but this year, the humble ballet is making a comeback.
  • Glitter—Think rhinestones, gems, and sequins adhered to the eyelids to make any look sparkle.
Other hot trends for 2018 will include lip tints, wet and wild hair, and thick, black eyeliner around the bottom and top lids.

Get Started on Your Journey

If you have a knack for staying on top of the latest beauty trends and you want to put this skill to use by attending makeup school, […]
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Get to Know the Pantone Color of the Year

Whether you’re currently enrolled in aesthetician school or cosmetology school, or you simply like to stay on top of beauty and design trends, you’ve probably already heard that the Pantone Color of the Year for 2018 is Ultra Violet. A thoughtful, dramatic shade of purple, this color communicates visionary thinking, originality, and ingenuity that makes way for what the future holds.

Enigmatic Purples in Counterculture

Purple shades like Ultra Violet have made their mark in counterculture for years. Symbolizing artistic brilliance and unconventionality, the following musical icons were known for bringing shades of violet to the front of the pop culture scene:
  • David Bowie
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Prince
Whether used for an all-over dye job or in makeup tones, this shade symbolizes non-conformity and inspires people to get out there and fearlessly leave their mark on the world around them.

Beauty and Ultra Violet Shades

This year, you’re going to see Ultra violet used on the lips and nails to give off statements of non-conformity. You might also see purple hues blended with shimmers and metallic to use on the eyes for a futuristic look. When it comes to hair, using purple shades can give off a look of boldness and creative expression. Since purple is on the spectrum for every beauty medium, thanks to its complementary and bold traits, it will pop up everywhere this year in clothing, makeup, nail colors, and hair styles. This purple color also works well with hazy and smoky hues, like lavender and mauve, to create timeless, effortless looks.

Put Your Skills to Use

Whether you’re new to the idea of makeup school or you’ve wanted to attend for years, now is the time to put your knowledge of current design trends, like […]
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Shout Out to the MANI’s

When asked to “blog” for the LuRoss website, I was quite frankly a little intimidated. I am apparently a generation X’er, not a Millennial who has an obvious step up on the social media. For me, my first thought was, “What exactly is a blog?” With research I would describe a blog as an online journal for a particular website. The website and company I am representing is LuRoss Academy. I would like to introduce myself as the Manicuring Instructor; I am proud to say I have been part of the LuRoss team since 2015. I also graduated from LuRoss as a manicurist in 1993 and have had a great career in Ventura for 23 years. People in the area may not even know that we offer a “nails only” program. But be assured we are alive and well and growing. This particular program is fast, 18 weeks to be exact. Allowing you to start a career in a relatively short amount of time. It is a great opportunity for those right out of high school or even those looking for their second career. Nail Technicians are in demand as the industry continues to grow. If this is something that sounds interesting, I invite you to come visit my “newly” decorated classroom and see what we are all about. As a student you will work hands on with customers, practicing with top name brands. You will learn all the ends and outs about, manicures, pedicures, acrylics, gel polish, hard gel, acrylic dip system, e-file, nail art upon nail-art and most importantly passing your State Board exam and obtaining your license so you can become that great nail technician. Hope to bring you some updates soon. Wendy Robledo, Manicuring […]
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Lu Ross Academy Esthetician School Dermafile Skin Polishing

This week I had the privilege to sit down and learn about our newest esthetics service at Lu Ross Academy: The Dermafile Skin Polishing. Upon hearing about it I was quite curious. I had Patricia, one of our night aestheticians who was more than exited to tell me all about the procedure and scheduled me to watch her preform one. It compares to microdermabrasion but it a lot less harsh. Using a small tool that, that looks like a dentist mirror, they file off dead skin and oil. First they cleanse the skin making sure to remove all make-up and sunblock. Next they do a second, deeper cleansing with a lemongrass cleanser. Depending on whether the skin is considered oily or dry, an enzyme is applied. For dry skin, a pumpkin enzyme is used, and for oily skin a papaya enzyme is applied. They then use their filing tool, holding the skin taught and working in small circle sections filing the skin. The tool is made to polish the skin and help resurface. It is made with stainless steel and crushed diamonds. After the filing technique is finished, a thin layer of calming cream is applied followed by a calming mask. Then the mask is removed with a warm towel and skin is toned. Lastly an SPF is applied. I must say that watching this procedure was incredible! I myself can be a sceptic. There are so many new products introduced to the industry every day, all insisting to be the best and latest and greatest. While skin care is extremely important to me, it can be hard to choose which treatment will work best. Let me tell you I have done […]
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Fall Trends for 2016

We’re officially into the autumn season of pumpkin spice and pre-Halloween celebrations! But what about hair? In an industry that’s always changing, it hard to imagine what the latest greatest trend is. We sought out our idols in the hair industry to see what they are talking about for fall. We were pleased to see that a lot of these trends are things we commonly do at our Cosmetology School already! According to good housekeeping, the most popular trend this fall is “Grombre.” Heavily lightened ends toned ultra low to create those silver locks every girl feels is a must have! While the grey trend has been growing, here at Lu Ross Academy we aspire to a variety of pigments when it comes to this color. From silver platinum to gun metal grey, our Wella Professional pigments are formulated uniquely with attentiveness to creating the prefect look for every client! This is also a great way for our future professionals to practice using pure pigment to create the desired color. Cosmopolitan is saying that chestnut browns, with red and gold pigments is the newest trend for fall. Displaying a beautiful example of Kate Mara and her fall friendly hair. Whiney, healthy and warm. They are also coveting beige blondes, a cooler pigment of cancelled warm tones resulting in a cool blonde. Truthfully a beautiful example, again, of how our practice with color can achieve great things and outstanding hues. While scoping the Internet we are still seeing the lasting trend of “pop” colors, only for fall the pastels seem to have taken the show. Lots of light lavenders and soft rose colors, looking punky and […]
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Beauty Blog Spotlight: Megan Burroughs

This week we got to interview a very special student, who is excelling with talent: Megan Burroughs. She is currently at about 1500 hours, which means she will soon complete our Cosmetology School day program. She invited us into her life, sharing that she has a one-year-old daughter. She told us that she is eager to learn and grow in this industry that she loves. She considers herself to be very hardworking, artistic, and easy going. She is always wanting to better herself in everything that she does. Before starting in the industry, she was a competitive cheerleader and also competed in California teen beauty pageants. When she completed high school, she became a mother. Her favorite subject here at Lu Ross Academy so far is Wella Color Theory. She says it was a bit tricky at first, but learning the fundamentals of mixing, enhancing or canceling different tones is something that peaks her interest. She loves that Lu Ross Academy is so diverse. All the students are different, but they all love and want the same things in different ways. Everyone has unique personalities, but are all interested in pursuing the same career path.

She says that all the instructors and students have taught her so much. Everyone helps each other and gives constructive criticism. You can see some of Megan’s incredible work on her Instagram page @megs_buurr, she has explored in the balayage technique and really strives to advance in color. Megan says she gets most of her inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. Social media is a big plus in the hair industry. She says she would love to meet @riawnacapri and @larisadoll […]

Beauty Blog Aesthetics Spotlight Bianca Van Valin

This week we had the privilege of getting to know one of Aestheticians who came with great reviews from her instructor. Bianca is a 27-year-old Capricorn living in Solvang. She enjoys going out to dinner, cocktails, movies, spending time with her niece, a good laugh and trips to Vegas with her best friend. Before her days here at Lu Ross, she was bartending on the weekend. She continues to work at a spa in San Yanez doing lashes. Bianca enjoys every aspect of school, and is always happy to be here and learn new things. She mentions that she especially likes waxing and really enjoyed the PCA facial peels class. The PCA peels class is an extra provided by Lu Ross, it is an outside educator who comes in and all the students get a kit special from PCA and a certification when they complete the course.

When asked what her favorite quality about Lu Ross is, she told us: “I love that Lu Ross offers so many certifications. We are constantly learning something new and I love that! That is the main reason that I decided to come here. None of the other schools I looked at offered this much.” Our aesthetics program especially comes with a lot of added extras exclusive to Lu Ross. Including the PCA peel, Minky’s lash extensions, Dermalogica training and field trip, and South Seas Spray Tanning just to name a few. We do everything we can here at Lu Ross to keep our training fresh and modern. These are all extras that are a big part of the Aesthetics world and it is great for our students to have a chance […]

Wella Hands on Day with Lizette Gonzalez

We had such a wonderful time with our very own Lizette from Wella last week! She came in to educate our students on the many wonderful variations of color that Wella offers. Lu Ross Academy is a Wella signature school, giving all of our students’ exclusive access to the wonderful world of Wella. Lizette went over the details of the entire line here from Color Touch, demi-permanent hair colors, to Innocence that is recommended for people who have sensitivity to color. Our Wella Innocence line offers an extreme advantage to our clients as it is permanent hair color without the worry. Innoscence is great for clients who develop an itchy scalp or color sensitivity. Because it is permanent it is great for clients who are looking for full or grey coverage without worrying about being uncomfortable while the color processes. She also talked a lot about the popular color trends like balayage and how to choose the correct lighter and or toners to achieve the perfect result!

After some intense note taking with lots of important color theory for our up and coming colorists it was time to go down to the floor and put what our students had just learned into action! Lizette went to each student individually. Each had a specific color goal for their client, or doll head, and Lizette formulated with each student for amazing results. She had all of them trying every aspect of Wella from toners to our beautiful Instamatic color line. One of our students had a washed out yellow bleach he had done on himself. Lizette formulated a “quick lift”, followed by an application of Instamatic “Ocean Storm” giving him a frosty blue look! Another […]