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    Mani Spotlight – Former Student: Krystal Cornelius @nails_by_kayy112

Mani Spotlight – Former Student: Krystal Cornelius @nails_by_kayy112

This week we had the pleasure of catching up with a former student! Krystal is a prime example of ambition, dedication and proof that hard work pays off. She is currently working at Rak Nail Bar in Thousand Oaks. She is also pre-school teach in Agoura. She told us that with the education provided by the academy, she felt well prepared to take the State Board exam and passed! She also has a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies, and gets to use that while being a teacher. Both are her passions and she is living the dream having the opportunity to excel in both fields.

Krystal enjoyed her time here at Lu Ross and felt she got the one on one guidance she needed. He instructor showed her all of the ins and outs of the nail industry and did all they could to prepare her to work in the field. Although she spent the most time with her instructor she also learned from our Director of Education, Maragret, and our Supervisor Instructor Monique. She said she came in willing to learn and even learned from the receptionist Nalini! Krystal invited that if you go into any program with an open heart and are willing to learn, then you will get everything that program has to offer. She couldn’t be more right, and her positive attitude is inspirational. She is looks up to celebrity nail artists: Greg Salo, President of Nails Inc. and Sabella “Bella” Snyder, Celebrity nail tech and Young Nails Mentor. She joined the manicuring program hoping it would help pay for her teaching credentials. She says nails has always been a hobby, but is now truly a blessing in her […]

Cosmetology Spot Light: Vanessa Lowe @locks_by_ness

By Tommy Zee Kelley

This weeks blog is especially special because I had the privilege of getting to know Vanessa in my Cosmetology class. Vanessa is diligent and shined from the moment she did her first haircut. She has passions and strives to be a pillar in the industry and it is VERY clear that nothing will stand in her way.

During the day Vanessa is a substitute teacher at Briggs Elementary school. Vanessa enjoys every part of the Cosmetology curriculum here at Lu Ross Academy and says that because this is her passion she enjoys everything there is to learn about the industry. She loves that the program is hands on and that the students are knowledgeable and helpful. She feels that she learns from everyone and loves the ability to mix and match different techniques from all individuals. She is most inspired by the everyday hair stylists she follows on Instagram. They take all of their looks and adapt them to being everyday styles. After she graduates she says, “The sky is the limit!” She plans on working hard and conquering in every way. She plans on working with a friend who has a space for her. This stylist friend inspired her to attend school. She also is interested in working in Hollywood, like she said the sky is the limit!

To the future students of Lu Ross Academy, she advises that this is an amazing opportunity to pursue your dream. Like anything, the results are a reflection of what you put into it. She has incredible potential and exceptional potential in this industry. Her work shines every day, and she has and amazing start as a Wella colorist. Vanessa has been extremely productive while […]

Why Cosmetology Is a Great Career

An Exciting Environment

A career in cosmetology offers you the chance to immerse yourself in the world of beauty, art and fashion all at the same time. Many people find that a career in cosmetology is rewarding in many ways, and that it offers uncountable benefits. Whether you are looking for a lucrative yet flexible career, or you want to interact with others while doing the work you love the most, you will find that a career in cosmetology is a wonderful choice.

Top 7 Reasons Why Cosmetology is a Great Career

  1. You have the opportunity to be your own boss when you are a cosmetologist.
  2. At many salons, you can set your own hours and even your own pay scale.
  3. You get to work in a social atmosphere on a daily basis. You interact with your clients while you work on their hair and also with other stylists who work by your side.
  4. You will be able to grow and develop within your career. You can advance by taking on more clients, moving to an upscale salon or becoming a salon manager or owner.
  5. You develop wonderful and lasting relationships with clients. Your clients will be more than just customers — they will become your friends.
  6. You have the chance to bring out a person’s inner beauty, style and confidence each time you start an appointment.
  7. This is the best part of being a cosmetologist — you will love the rewarding feeling of providing someone with that perfect new look.
If you think that this sounds like the career for you, then you may want to consider kick-starting your life as a cosmetologist today.

Getting Certified

The first step is contacting a cosmetology school that will train you to be an expert […]

Barbering Is Different Than You Think

When many people hear the word “barber,” they think of someone who works in a salon that cuts hair and trims beards all day. But a barber is about a lot more than these basic tasks.

A Rewarding Career

Aside from the basic salon work, barbers can use their skills to prepare clients for fashion shows, weddings and portrait photos, and carry out a variety of other tasks associated with the profession. So is becoming a barber the right fit for you? Here’s a look at five reasons why you should consider this career path:
  1. Sociable: Are you a people person? Being a barber is a great way to interact with people on a daily basis. Unlike a conventional 9-5, where you sit at your desk and interact with a limited number of people each day, you’re always interacting with your clients in the barbershop. This is a great way to form friendships, build a clientele and – perhaps most importantly – have fun on the job.
  2. Potential: There’s a lot of room for growth as a barber. Aside from working in a salon – or owning your own – you can become talented enough to prep actors and actresses before movie scenes.
  3. Creativity: Being a barber is about more than just cutting hair. That’s because while some desire a haircut, others desire actual design work on their hair.
  4. Laid back: Being a barber doesn’t come with the same demands that a 9-5 does, allowing barbers to work in a more laid back atmosphere compared to the typical workplace.
  5. Job security: Everyone needs their hair cut at one time or another, so you’ll never run out of clients. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the profession is actually […]

The Cutting Edge: 3 Exciting New Trends in Cosmetology

An Industry That is Always Changing

There’s one constant in the cosmetology industry: the trends are always changing. At Lu Ross Academy we pride ourselves on keeping our students on the “cutting edge”. Read on to learn what’s hot right now in the world of beauty.

1.) Skin Is In

The quest for the fountain of youth is nothing new, but scientific progress is making it easier than ever to get that youthful glow. From collagen building to firming, advancements in skin rejuvenation techniques are pushing the boundaries of skincare. Because of this, skincare specialists are increasingly in demand, and the trend is expected to continue: in fact, the field is predicted to grow by a whopping 40 percent between 2012 and 2022!

2.) More Than Makeup

Beauty products are also getting in on the anti-aging action. New concealers and foundations offer coverage that perfects skin as it conceals. Whether you’re looking for the wet-finish dewy look or a creamy matte finish, today’s BB and CC creams are less about covering up and more about revealing the beauty of “minimalist” skin. Many companies are also focusing on using gentle, non-toxic ingredients which are good for people and the environment. Recent improvements have enhanced the texture, efficiency and affordability of green products.

3.) Talking Texture

There’s no reason to stick with the same old familiar finishes.The latest trends show off a variety of unexpected textures which add visual interest and dynamic appeal. From mega-matte liquid lip colors to crackle nail polish finishes, the options are almost endless. Geometric designs, color-blocking and the Ruffian manicure are all poised for big moments.

An Exciting Career Awaits You

But it doesn’t stop with lips and nails. Even sparkly arches are making a comeback in the form of mineral-encrusted brows.

California Cosmetology School

There are hundreds of colleges offering a myriad of certificates and degrees in cosmetology but selecting the best California Cosmetology School can b a difficult choice to make. To study and get a license as a cosmetologist requires professional education program at a licensed and state accredited Cosmetology school. It is only after you have been conferred the degree that you can get employment as a cosmetologist or open your own beauty salon. However, the decision to enter a particular California Cosmetology school can put you in a dilemma. If you have been looking at the syllabi of different California cosmetology schools, most of these academic institutions offer a generalized curriculum for beginners but have a higher specialization when a degree is needed as a licensed cosmetologist. All of the states need require that you have a license to practice and if you plan on opening your own salon or get employed, you will need a degree or diploma from an accredited California cosmetology school, as a prerequisite to the state license.

Tips to consider before seeking admission

Additionally, not all California cosmetology schools are accredited and licensed so it is best to research and shortlist only those schools that are approved by National Accreditation Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences. It is good to ask questions, consider the financial aid that you can qualify for and if the school offers the specialization you are looking for. Any course that has not been approved by NACCAS will not hold valid after you complete the program or you may be disqualified when you seek the license. Before you join a cosmetology program, take a tour of the facility, talk with the admissions department and schedule a visit. You